can you?

Oh, you better believe there's just one thing you need
Can't you see...

It's just me baby

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the only one

I've been lied to, you been cheated
I've been cried to, you been mistreated
I've been watching you, I want action
You need love and I need satisfaction

I'm burning for love
Filled with desire
I can't stand the heat
And my heart's on fire
I can't get enough
It's down to the wire
I'm making my move, I'm looking for you
I'm burning for love
You can run but you can't hide
You're the only one I need
To feel the fire inside

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the past

I never wanted the stars
I never shot for the moon
I like them right where they are
All I wanted was you
So baby just turn away
Because I can't face the truth
All I'm trying to say
Is all I wanted was you

I tried so hard to remember
Where when how why love went away
I tried to drown myself in pity

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You said you couldn't live without me
So why aren't you dead?

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Sick Of Crying, Tired Of Trying, Yeah I'm Smiling, But Inside I'm Dying...

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